POA SPAY ! Post Operative Instructions for Tame Cats and Dogs

Please read the instruction sheet you receive when you pick up your pet; it has specific information about your pet’s surgery. If you have questions, call us at 860-206-7922. For your pet’s safety, please read and follow these instructions. We cannot be held responsible for a client’s failure to follow these instructions:
  • NO running, jumping, playing or strenuous activity for 7 to 10 days after surgery.  Pets should stay indoors for 10 days and be kept quiet.  Keep in a safe room to make sure he/she is doing well – he/she may still be wobbly. Keep small children away.
  • Keep your pet dry for 7 to 10 days.  No baths or jumping in sinks!
  • Check the incision twice a day.  What you see on the day you pick up your pet from our clinic is normal…there should be no discharge or swelling and minimal redness.  DO NOT let your animal lick the incision area. We recommend purchasing an e-collar (cone) at Petco or PetSmart to prevent licking the incision. Unless otherwise noted, there are no stitches to remove.  Your pet has stitches under the skin, which will dissolve over the next few months. Green tattoo ink has been applied to the abdomen of all animals. If your pet should ever become stray, lost, impounded or taken into rescue, an animal welfare professional or veterinarian will recognize this tattoo & know your animal is spayed or neutered.
  • Feed and water your pet today; however, he/she may not have a full appetite until tomorrow. Do not change his/her diet or give table scraps as this can mask post-op complications.
  • DO NOT give your pet any people medicines such as aspirin, Tylenol or Advil.  Your pet has received pain medication at the clinic. If pain medication was sent home with your pet give only as directed and only if your pet is eating and drinking.  
  • Some animals are 100% right away while others recover more slowly. Lethargy lasting more than 48 hours after surgery, diarrhea or vomiting are not normal and you should call us during business hours or call your own vet.

Please call us if you pet has an issue after surgery. If your pet has an emergency related to the surgery after hours, or you cannot reach POA SPAY!, call the nearest 24-hour emergency vet for instructions. We have provided a listing of some of these for you. There may be others located closer to you.

24 Hour Emergency Clinics (Alphabetical Listing)

Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut

993 North Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06117
(860) 236-3273

​Animal Emergency Hospital of Central CT

588 Cromwell Ave., Rocky Hill, CT 
(860) 563-4447

Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut
993 North Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06117
(860) 236-3273

Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

730 Randolph Rd., Middletown, CT 
(860) 347-8387

Pick up time for Dogs is 3:45 pm 

Pick up time for cats is 4:45 pm

Please be prompt as we do discharge instructions as a group. This helps us to be efficient and keep our costs down.

Late arrival could result in a late fee charge.

Or call (860) 206-7922

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