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Pre-Surgical Bloodwork:  
Pre-surgical blood work is always a good idea for animals under going anesthesia. Our veterinarian recommends pre-surgical blood work for all adult cats and dogs (4 years and old) prior to surgery. We require pre-surgical blood work for dogs 8 years and older, and for cats 11 years and older.

Drop-Off & Pick Up:
Cat Drop Off is Between 7:45am & 8:15am; Cat Pick Up is at 4:45pm

(Each pet cat must be in a secure hard-sided carrier; Feral cats must be in a humane trap covered with a sheet or towel to keep them calm.)
Dog Drop Off is at 8:30am; Dog Pick Up is at 3:45pm

(Dogs must be on a leash and wearing a flat collar. For the safety of your dog and our staff, please do not have a harness on your dog and please do not have your dog in a crate or carrier.) Dog owners wait while their dog receives their pre-surgical exam. Please walk your dogs to encourage them to go to the bathroom prior to leaving your home!

Please be prompt and allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes for the admission process. Discharge instructions are given as a group. Late fees may apply if you do not pick up your pet at the assigned time. 

​​Our vets recommend that pets are fully vaccinated from communicable diseases (distemper, parvo, and upper respiratory diseases) prior to surgery. Please consult your regular veterinarian for further information. In addition, Connecticut state law requires a current rabies vaccination for pets over 12 weeks of age. If your pet has a current rabies vaccination, please bring proof in the form of a certificate (tags are not acceptable forms of proof). Otherwise we will to administer one at the time of surgery (there is no charge for rabies and distemper vaccines). 

Keep Your Pet Indoors the Night Before Surgery:
Pets must be kept indoors or confined the night before surgery. This ensures that they are not eating outside, which could potentially be dangerous during surgery.

Feeding Instructions:
Patients may have a quarter of the amount of their usual breakfast on the day of surgery (animals four months or younger may have half of their usual food intake). We want them to have this small meal to settle their stomachs, but please do not give more than a quarter of their regular meal. All patients can have water up until the time of surgery. 

Leave your Pet in the Car:
Please leave your animal in your car until you have completed check-in. Once we have your paperwork, and we have spoken to you about your animal's health, you will be asked to bring them in. All dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a sturdy, hard carrier (No cardboard boxes). The check in process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. We try to include as much information as possible when making your appointment to speed up this process!

Method of Payment:
We accept cash, credit or debit at the time of admission. We cannot accept personal checks.

About the Surgery:
In female animals, the uterus and ovaries are removed through a small incision in the abdominal wall, which makes them unable to get pregnant. In male dogs and cats, the scrotum is not removed, only the testicles. This prevents the production of sperm, meaning they will no longer be able to father puppies or kittens. Our patients are completely asleep during surgery, and are unable to feel or move. 

All Animals Receive a Small, Green Tattoo:
Your pet will receive a small, green tattoo near the incision site. This tattoo is not another incision—it’s just a small score in the top layers of the skin filled with tattoo ink and covered with surgical glue. The tattoo will ensure that anyone examining your animal will know they have been sterilized. 

Inclement Weather:
POA SPAY values our human and pet clients and will make every effort to remain open during periods of inclement weather. However, the safety of our clients, their pets, our staff, and volunteers is of utmost concern to us. On rare occasions, POA SPAY may close its clinic when weather creates unsafe travel conditions. If POA SPAY closes due to weather, we will attempt to let clients know as far in advance as the situation allows by telephone. We will also post the closings on POA SPAY’s Facebook page and make every attempt to contact those clients with scheduled appointments. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but we thank you for your business and support.