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Dog services

Standard Dog Spay/Neuter Pricing​

(All Dog Packages Include Surgery, Pain Medication Administered at the Clinic, Rabies & Distemper Vaccines, Nail Trim and an E-Collar.)

If your dog weighs 3 to 25 lbs - $200
 If your dog weighs 26 to 50 lbs - $225
 If your dog weighs 51 to 80 lbs - $275

Pit Bulls & Pit Mixes* 
Pit Bulls & Pit Mixes up to 50 lbs - $125
Pit Bulls & Pit Mixes 51 to 80 lbs - $150
*Your dog must look like a pit bull. Final determination will be made by our veterinary staff. 

Additional Services Available only at the Time of Surgery:
Heartworm Test $25
4DX (Rescues Only) $30
Microchip $20
Open Umbilical Hernia Repair $50
Cryptorchid (Undescended Testicles) $75 per Testicle
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine $15
​Advantage Multi $20

Other Possible Charges:
Difffiicult (overweight, length of surgery, pregnant, in heat) - 
Umbilical Hernia Repair - $50
Antibiotics (Only if deemed necessary by our vet) - Varies by antibiotic​

PLEASE NOTE: A $50 deposit* is required for all dog appointments. You may reschedule 48 hrs before your appointment with no additional deposit or penalty. The remainder of the payment is due at the time of admission. We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. Clients booking appointments online will be asked to enter their credit/debit information online to complete the online booking process.

*Pit Bull/Pit Bull Mix owners with Department of Agriculture Animal Population Control Program vouchers will be refunded the $25 of their deposit when they pick up their dogs after surgery. Also, if we cannot perform the surgery due to medical reasons, we will refund your deposit. 

If patients do show up for their appointment and owners have not reached out to us at least 48 hours in advance, the deposit will be forfeited and used as a donation to help other animals in need.

Your dog must be 3lbs./3 months of age to be spayed/neutered. Your dog will receive a brief physical exam prior to surgery. Our veterinarian reserves the right to refuse services if your pet shows signs of illness or injury. All pets receiving services at our clinic must be accompanied by a current rabies certificate at the time of surgery admission or a rabies vaccination will be given, at no extra charge. A rabies tag and hospital invoices are not acceptable proof of rabies vaccination. Appointments are required! When making an appointment, please let us know if your dog has special needs, such as fear of other dogs or strangers.

​Discount Programs for Dogs
​​​Low Income Voucher Program - *Effective May 25, 2018, applications will no longer be accepted. Please check back after August 6, 2018 for the availability. To get more information please call (860) 713-2507, email apcp.agr@ct.gov or click here for the application. We will accept any vouchers that have been issued as long as they have not expired.

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